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    Dean Sobers & Matt Kaufman as Language of Prairie Dogs made music from 1999 to 2008. We recorded one single, Lone Giant, and released it at Xmas 2008. Then we split up. We have re-released it every Xmas since then. In 2010 we wanted to put it on vinyl but we only had the one side, so we asked our friends The Loves to write the BB-side. They did, and then they split up, too.

    COMING IN 2017: The Water Boatman, the début album from Language of Prairie Dogs, to be released barely 18 year after we formed and a mere eight years after we split up. Recording began in 2011. It's really coming along now...

    Lone Giant release history:

    Xmas 2008: digital download on Bandcamp only, plus silly music video.
    Xmas 2009: the same.
    Xmas 2010: ltd. 7" vinyl (run of 200), split double B-side with The Loves.
    Xmas 2011: the same.
    Xmas 2012: probs a more sensible music video (NB. this never happened)
    Xmas 2013: iPad app? Sutin, anyway. (NB. this never happened either)
    Xmas 2014: Available once more on all good digital platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Deezer. Shazam and Siri should be able to identify the songs if you ask them nicely. The music videos for both tracks (LG created in 2008; MF created in 2010) are now on the Brown Dwarf Vimeo page. Despite being the fifth Xmas since the limited run of 200 7" vinyl records were created, there are still well over 50 available. To buy. For money.
    Xmas 2015: got bored by this point; we simply tweeted about it.
    Xmas 2016: Elise Bramich has crafted us a stunning geometric music video. Go watch on Vimeo now: bit.ly/No1XmasVimeo. Thanks, Elise!

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"The greatest Christmas single of all time" - review on SoundsXP.com:

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Lone Giant on Vimeo:

Motherfuckers on Vimeo:



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released December 13, 2010

B. Lone Giant. Written in 2007 by Dean Sobers & Matt Kaufman (Copyleft). Recorded in 2008 by James Aparicio.
BB. Motherfuckers (feat. Knickers). Written and recorded in 2010 by Simon Stone (Copyright Control). Produced by Giles Barrett at Soup Studios, London.

ⓟ 2010 Brown Dwarf.
Catalogue number: 2X4B-523P.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Language of Prairie Dogs Stretford, UK

If music journalists are failed musicians, then what does that make us? We are failed musicians AND failed music journalists:


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Track Name: Lone Giant
Whenever I think about The Shining, I think about the loveliness of the proposition of Jack's employment, and of the tragedy of how he blew it so completely. I keep my particular fantasy of working in a lighthouse I'm sure completely at odds with the reality, distanced almost immeasurably, and yet critically necessary.

And I relate my fantasy to a friend who looks back at me
and, Woolfishly, quizzes me on why I want to live in a giant penis.

"Because I hate people, that's why. That's why I want to live in my giant penis."
Track Name: The Loves - Motherfuckers (feat. Knickers)
There's people around, who'll screw you in the ground & woh-oh-woh
They cheat & they lie, but it’s OK cos God is on their side

When you're breaking in two...they know just what to do

Like a rat on a ship, when it sinks you know they'll split,
They laugh when you cry, & then they b*tch & wonder why
(everybody calls them) Mthrfckrs

Self righteous insane, & hopefully they'll die in screaming pain
They smile as you suffer, but of course they always love their
Mother, mother, mother, mthrfckrs

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Oooh etc