Downstream To The Pororoca

by Language of Prairie Dogs



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Recorded in Lewisham and Stretford between 9th October 2011 and 24th April 2017


'I have said to myself and others that I'm going
to swim that river or die trying

- and I mean that quite literally. I could die
in that river but that is not

my intention. My intention is to swim
through the rainforest

to prove something.

In 1963,
Dr Martin Luther King had a dream

that changed our world.
I too have a dream.

My dream is to swim
the Amazon
to prove to the world
that nothing is



released May 9, 2017
Written by Language of Prairie Dogs
Engineered, produced, mixed & mastered by Chris Killen & Matthew Alexander Kaufman
Drums recorded & engineered by Buzz Allan
Additional recording by James Aparicio

Dean Anthony Sobers - vocals, guitars, backing vocals

Matthew Alexander Kaufman - bass, electronic drums

Chris Killen - synthesizers / / /

Buzz Allan - drums /

Artwork by The Brown Dwarf, after NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, from a conceptual animation showing dust travelling from the Sahara Desert to the Amazon basin // typeface Kindersley Grand Arcade, after David Kindersley:

"Nothing is surmountable."

Ⓟ Brown Dwarf 2017
cat. no. SDSS J0104+1535


all rights reserved



Language of Prairie Dogs Manchester, UK

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